The Nominee

DannyCongratulations to Danny Kushlick!

Danny is a 47 year-old father of two girls and partner of one woman. He is a committed iconoclast, who is disillusioned with party politics, but who still has faith in the good sense (and sense of humour) of his fellow humans. As part of his election platform he:

  • does not plan to take Britain into any wars
  • pledges to appeal to the highest common denominator
  • is excited about becoming the next Home Secretary
  • thinks the most important ‘special relationship’ isn’t with the US, but with your mum
  • looks forward to representing the views of millions of enlightened individuals

In previous incarnations Danny has been a support worker for people with learning difficulties, worked with unemployed ex-offenders, been a drug counsellor and worked with the homeless.

He is currently head of external affairs for Transform – a think tank campaigning for an end to the global war on drugs. He hopes to achieve this by 2020, when he can revive his flagging ballet career…

Danny's constituency is Bristol West.